About Us

At Vook, we want to solve the biggest problem a reader face: Instant Book Availability!


We started writing the Vook chapter, back in the year 2018. We had a belief that there can be a better way to shop for books. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers spend more time reading books rather than buying them. We were obsessively passionate about it, and our mission of giving valuable book-buying experience along with the minimum waiting time inked Vook.in!


Now, two years post launching Vook, we got a new spike in our growth rate. Due to Covid-19, human’s physical movement got limited but not reading habits. They still want to go for physical copies. That is where Vook’s instant and easy book delivery got an off trajectory growth hike. To meet this shoot-up demand of readers, we strive hard to expand our base and reach out to as many readers as soon as possible. And we are feeling proud to mention that even at new locations we are finding the same excitement and happiness level amongst our new readers as there is in the old ones.


Our focus is on creating a ‘reading family’ rather than creating customers. We just want to provide our readers with the best book services wrapped in the fabric of love and care.


Our Vision: Read More, Print Less!

Going green is one of our core values behind founding Vook. Through this vision, we like to inspire our reading family to use pre-owned books. We are aiming to build a reading community of 10,000 members who can lend amongst themselves and share the knowledge through us without any hiccups.


Our Mission: Reach out any ‘reading family’ member within 24 hrs!

To build a niche of 10,000 members, we need to connect with them at a faster rate then anyone may think of. The aim is to serve our ‘reading family’ members by keeping them at our top priority. Therefore we came up with this maximum waiting time span of 24 hrs only.